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"Everyone in this world carries around their own sins, and they never go away, but that doesn't change the fact that we do what we must."
- Wolfgang Grimmer

Wolfgang Grimmer is a freelance journalist investigating human rights abuses, specifically government-sanctioned child abuse, in the former Communist bloc, who is later revealed to have been among those raised in 511 Kinderheim, having been initially rendered nearly emotionless by the experience, though he later attempts to regain such emotions. During his travels, he meets and befriends Dr. Tenma, and the two mutually aid each other during their respective investigations, as well as in their efforts to exonerate Detective Jan Suk. During bouts of intense rage, his anger tends to manifest itself in a multiple personality known as the "Magnificent Steiner", based on a character from a television series he watched frequently as a child. Though his "real name" is unknown throughout the series, Grimmer reportedly told his childhood friend and fellow Kinderheim initiate Adolf Reinhart his real name, and consequently also remembered his "real name." Later, he meets Inspector Lunge in Ruhenheim, where they endeavor to prevent the ensuing crisis of the massacre together.