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Monster Wiki is a source of information on the popular seinen manga by Naoki Urasawa, later adapted into an even more popular 74 episode anime. The anime is currently available in English in both subbed and dubbed editions.

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Plot Summary

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is an acclaimed Japanese neurosurgeon working at the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Dusseldorf, West Germany, in 1986. With the Hospital Director's support, the Director's beautiful daughter as a Fiancee and fame within the medical community, what more could Tenma want? Yet Tenma feels there's much more to life. And that's why, when two adopted twins, the children of an important East German defector, are wheeled into the hospital, Tenma just has to operate on the young boy, named Johan, even when he's told to operate on the Mayor of Dusseldorf by the corrupt hospital administration. Meanwhile, the boy's twin sister, in a state of shock and paranoia, continuously mumbles one word: "kill." What can all this mean?

As a result, Tenma loses his social standing, his fiancee and the Director's support. However, one pivotal act changes everything when the Director and his colleagues die from eating poisoned candy, and, soon, Tenma's the head of neurosurgery again. Nine years later, in 1995, Tenma will come face to face with what has brought him greatness but will only bring the world suffering. When a criminal is brought into the hospital, talking about a "monster," Tenma operates on him and later befriends the man. However, one night, the man disappears, and Tenma pursues him to an abandoned building, where he finds him cowering before a shadowy, blonde man. Tenma realizes that it's Johan, the boy whom he saved out of the kindness of his heart so many years before! Johan is revealed to be the "monster" the criminal had referred to earlier, and he shoots the man, before thanking Tenma for what he did and walking away.

Tenma realizes that he must vanquish the monster he's resurrected to save the world from impending doom. Along the way, he encounters sinister children's books, Communist conspiracies, Right-Wingers that want to make Johan the next Fuhrer and a rich cast of supporting characters. Will Tenma be able to stop the evil he nurtured back to health, or will he himself fall prey to the monster inside of him?

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